Always Around

by Sam Davison

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My second solo album. Includes the hit singles "Better Than That" and "Always Around".

All songs written and performed by Sam Davison.

All songs produced by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen, Brooklyn, NY except "Rigatoni Macaroni", produced by Sam Davison at Emerson College, Boston, MA.


released October 1, 2013

Sam Davison: Vocals, bass, tambourine, bongos, kazoo
Oliver Ignatius: Guitar, drums, keyboards, backing vocals
Gabriel Stranahan: Guitar on "Chill Out"



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Sam Davison New York


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Track Name: T.H.M.F.O.T.F.O.T.E.
Motherfuckers can't stop me now
I'm in the zone, you can't get me out
Oh have you heard about me?
I don't care what you think of me
Cuz I'm the hardest motherfucker in the whole damn scene
Y'already know about it!

I've held myself down for too long,
but now I gotta split
Cuz I'm done with this shit!
Now I'm on top of my shit
and I ain't ever going back
Cuz I'm better than that!

Oh man don't tell me if I'm in your way
I've made my mark, now I'm here to stay
Oh baby that's a fact!
Ain't lettin' shit get to my head
I'm 'bout to ball the fuck out instead
And I ain't even mad!

You measure me against society
That's what you want from me?
Don't wanna hear about it!
I'm a grown-ass boss-ass hoss-ass
independent bitch
Come on and give us a kiss!

You got the shit you got to deal with, you gotta just give it time
Girl you know how I feel about you; ooww I don't mind!
Been around the block a few times
and I know just what I want
Cuz when you fall off the horse,
you gotta get back on!
Track Name: No Dilemma
know what I want
And I'm where I wanna be
Got no insecurities
I feel better!
Got no reason to be anxious,
Alone, or confused
No sadness, no problems
No dilemma!

Got no reason to be sad
Cuz I'm happy and relaxed
I know where my mind is at
…is my favorite type of cheese
Won't you give me some, please?
No depression, no angst
No dilemma!

I don't care what other people say
I'm gonna do things my own way
Yes I'll do it if I can
Cuz I'm the man with the plan
My name is Sam
Is yours Emma?!
Track Name: Always Around
Thought I'd stick around for another year
On account of my friends being here
Find a job in moment's time
Same friends, same town, but a whole new life
All my friends are younger than me
Still tryna get their college degree
They leave the house and they go off to class
While I'm stuck at home all day sitting on my ass

That's just my life
Got all kinds of time
You may be busy but…

I got a feeling that I made a mistake
Tryna to live that life after I graduated
This ain't a city, it's just a big college town
You got your plans but I'm always around

Go for a walk in the neighborhood
Go to Newbury to see what's good
Spend all my money on some new LPs
It's s'posed to pay my rent instead of retail therapy
A lack of structure makes me lose my way
So I surf the internet all day
In my dark, dirty, dungeon home
It's hard to motivate myself when I'm constantly alone

That's just my life
Just killing time
You're making money, but…

Unemployed, stupid boy, when will I ever learn?
I shouldn't spend all my money when there's none to earn
This ain't a city, it's just a big college town
You're motivated but I'm always around

At every party I'm the oldest guy
I feel so out of place, but still I try
To stay in touch with what my friends all do
But how do I move forward when I'm mentally in school?
What do all these college girls think of me?
”Don't you have someplace important to be?”
All the time I say ”I'm done with this shit”
But I just can't escape if I surround myself with it

That's just my life
Frozen in time
You're still in college, but…

I'm always around
Track Name: Put it in a Bottle (Save it for Later)
I've got loads of time, so I don't mind waiting
Gonna put it in a bottle, and save it for later
I know that I'm young, so I'm gonna have fun
Then I'll know when I'm ready when I need someone

There's no need to hurry, got loads of time
No need to get angsty, I know I'll be fine
There's no need to worry, I'll be OK
I meet so many people every day

I'm gonna skip the stairs and take the elevator
Gonna put it in a bottle, and save it for later
I know that I can, and if I can, then I should
I know I wanna do it cuz it feels so good

I'm not gonna let it get the best of me
I can't be worried when I feel so free
There's oh so much to experience
So feeling miserable makes no sense

Gonna fight off my demons with a big lightsaber…
Track Name: Chill Out
Another gloomy day
The clouds surround me as I walk to school
Another obstacle in the way of my freedom
I'm so tired
My life has worn me out again
Always running around the city
Till I pass out at 3 AM

I just want to take it easy
I don't want to try so hard
Everything I hear goes through me
Wish the party would come to me for a start

Can I just stay home? Can I just lay down?
And just relax for a while?
There's so many things always happening
I'm not missing out; can I just chill out?

It's a good problem to have
Better than nobody liking you at all
Sacrifice free time to make new friends and lovers
So there's another party downtown
I'm invited again, I should feel so lucky
There'll be music, and girls, and booze and such
But there's such a thing as just too much

I just want to take it easy
I don't want to try so hard
I've got so many chances
I think I'll take a rain check on this one

Can I just stay home? Can I just lay down?
And just relax for a while?
There's so many things always happening
I'm not missing out; can I just chill out?
Track Name: Better Than That
You think that you've got it the hard way
He isn't gonna come back
He wasn't so great for you anyway
For I can do better than that

Don't you know there's someone else who'll pick up where he left off?
Be with me, I guarantee I'll get you back on track
If he makes you feel that way, then what's the point of trying?
You'll move on, you'll be OK, you'll know just what you've lacked
For I can do better than that

He wants to isolate and hurt you
It's proven, you know that's a fact
Do you really want that to happen to you?
For I can do better than that

I could do most anything to make you feel so happy
I can change your outlook, made it better in a snap
I would never let you down or make you feel alone and hurt
No more sadness, no dilemma, I'll pick up the slack
For I can do better than that

What do you say?
I'll change your life today
But tomorrow's OK too
What do you think?
I've told you everything
The rest is up to you
Track Name: It's Time to Die
It's time to die
Yes I know you are surprised
That I would come to break the news

It's time to die
So let's go, let's not waste time
Now won't you come and take my hand?

First your family will know
Then your friends will be informed
Oh they'll plan your funeral
Then they'll mourn, then they'll mourn

Now don't you cry
Everybody has their time
And now your time has come so soon

It's time I'm sure
Yes it may be premature
Now why would I ever lie to you?

I'm just a simple kind of bloke
In my black hooded cloak
With my machete at my side
I'm a skeleton inside
Everybody knows my name
But I'm not the one to blame
You should have been more careful
But now it's too late, it's too late

So say bye bye
It's time to die
Track Name: Move Back
And so I moved back, to the place I was raised
I guess that you could say I'm doing OK
Living back home on the Upper West Side
is so nice, it's just like old times
Except… I don't wanna be here for long
I guess at some point I gotta get a full-time job
I wanna make money and sustain myself
So when's it gonna happen? I can't really tell

Got another mental block
This fear of flying never stops
Can I make it on my own?

I made new friends, and I'm back on the scene
I'm a well-known man about town, it seems!
But hangin’ with my friends at these rock ‘n’ roll shows
Still doesn't really make me feel less alone
I want a girlfriend, someone to love and trust
You know I just wanna be monogamous!
It's been too long, I'm ready to move on
And I really hope you love me by the end of this song!

Never really satisfied
Will she let me in her life?
All I want is someone who loves me
Everybody dance now!

You got a lot of nerve, you got a lot of gall
To just sit around the house and do nothing at all
Why is it so hard to go on the attack?
I know I gotta move forward now that I moved back
Well uh, I got a lot of friends and a lot of connections and
I'm pretty handsome and I wanna do good things and uh,
I know I'm smarter than your average bro
I just wish everything didn't move so slow

Times are hard, life is tough
Don't you think I've learned enough?
I know that I'm ready to grow up
Good luck
Track Name: Rigatoni Macaroni
Every day is just the same
I’m doing it again
Every time I go outside
I see the weather change
First it’s hot, but then it’s cold
It can’t make up its mind
Old New England in the Spring
Just don’t make any sense

It’s not my home
I’m so alone
I’ll have to wait
For one more week
Till I’m gone

I took my baby out last night
To an Italian restaurant
We ate, and coughed, and laughed, and walked
Around the North End
We got home and laid in bed
And wished it weren’t so
Shit would have gone down that night
But both of us were sick

And all my songs
Seem to be about waiting
I really should use
Better subject matter
Oh yeah
Track Name: Just Wondering
When I met you I could tell that you were something else
You set something off in me I’d never really felt
You told me you liked me but you didn't want to date
Still I’d lie to myself thinking somehow I could make you change

I love you and I trust you
And I'd do anything to help
I just wish that you could love yourself

All your life they've put you down but still you're standing tall
Would you look how far you've come? You see it's really not your fault
You're so fast to hurt yourself and give yourself the blame
Well I know that must be so exhausting; is it worth the pain?

I love you and I trust you
And I'd do anything to help
I just wish that you could love yourself

But does it even matter to you?
Everything that I'd do for you?
Do you feel the way I do?
I want to be the right one for you
I want to be the first to
treat you right, cuz you deserve it
I want to take care of you
But that's not what you want
I get it, I'll move on

So what shall I do now then, —? Nothing's on my mind
Seems like every time I tell the truth I feel I've crossed the line
I just want you to know that
I'm here for you all the time
I'll be your friend, and that suits me just fine
If you need me, then call me
cuz I'll pick you up when you're down
I'm your biggest fan yeah, I'm always around.