Move Back

from by Sam Davison



And so I moved back, to the place I was raised
I guess that you could say I'm doing OK
Living back home on the Upper West Side
is so nice, it's just like old times
Except… I don't wanna be here for long
I guess at some point I gotta get a full-time job
I wanna make money and sustain myself
So when's it gonna happen? I can't really tell

Got another mental block
This fear of flying never stops
Can I make it on my own?

I made new friends, and I'm back on the scene
I'm a well-known man about town, it seems!
But hangin’ with my friends at these rock ‘n’ roll shows
Still doesn't really make me feel less alone
I want a girlfriend, someone to love and trust
You know I just wanna be monogamous!
It's been too long, I'm ready to move on
And I really hope you love me by the end of this song!

Never really satisfied
Will she let me in her life?
All I want is someone who loves me
Everybody dance now!

You got a lot of nerve, you got a lot of gall
To just sit around the house and do nothing at all
Why is it so hard to go on the attack?
I know I gotta move forward now that I moved back
Well uh, I got a lot of friends and a lot of connections and
I'm pretty handsome and I wanna do good things and uh,
I know I'm smarter than your average bro
I just wish everything didn't move so slow

Times are hard, life is tough
Don't you think I've learned enough?
I know that I'm ready to grow up
Good luck


from Always Around, released October 1, 2013



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Sam Davison New York


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