from by Sam Davison



Motherfuckers can't stop me now
I'm in the zone, you can't get me out
Oh have you heard about me?
I don't care what you think of me
Cuz I'm the hardest motherfucker in the whole damn scene
Y'already know about it!

I've held myself down for too long,
but now I gotta split
Cuz I'm done with this shit!
Now I'm on top of my shit
and I ain't ever going back
Cuz I'm better than that!

Oh man don't tell me if I'm in your way
I've made my mark, now I'm here to stay
Oh baby that's a fact!
Ain't lettin' shit get to my head
I'm 'bout to ball the fuck out instead
And I ain't even mad!

You measure me against society
That's what you want from me?
Don't wanna hear about it!
I'm a grown-ass boss-ass hoss-ass
independent bitch
Come on and give us a kiss!

You got the shit you got to deal with, you gotta just give it time
Girl you know how I feel about you; ooww I don't mind!
Been around the block a few times
and I know just what I want
Cuz when you fall off the horse,
you gotta get back on!


from Always Around, released October 1, 2013



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Sam Davison New York


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